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Email: Phone: 0207 486 5777
Email: Phone: 0207 486 5777

Proctor and Gamble stay at 58,000 sq ft site at Bessemer Road, Basingstoke

Red Kite with the assistance of Simon Martell of Warwick Martell have agreed an extension to Proctor and Gamble’s current lease at Bessemer Road, Basingstoke.

The rent remains unchanged at £320,000 and the lease is extended for a further 3 years through to 2013.

Following Proctor and Gambles purchase of Wella late last year this extension provides confidence to the Distribution Warehouse Fund that Proctor and Gambles long term position, in this area, will remain.

A great deal done in a very difficult leasing environment and thank you Simon for your help in these lease negotiations which provide the Fund with further secured income for another 3 years.